Migrated Natives
An appetite to approach a migrated native’s visual mindfield

I would like to poetically investigate the familiar feeling of unfamiliarity when you are being connected to some physical materials where geography matters.

Having lived half a world away from the place of my birth, and having returned, I find myself a foreigner in my own country. Australia became the signifier of a parallel world, a place where very thing I ever known was replaced. Unchangable matters like my DNA and childhood filtered out.

This sequence of images from Australia and Sweden is a nomadic project that aims to study the undefinable reasons for the modern human's need for existential migration, in which life and death are no longer the sole purpose for mental and physical relocation. To move across the globe to find yourself is part of a global phenomenon. The luxury of self-expression, from which this compulsion stems, becomes as necessary, as vital, as food. This self-fulfillment is a concept used in philosophy and psychology, referring to the need for realization of one's deepest desires and capacities.

This sequence was built with an associative kind of visual logic rather than an obvious aesthetic one. Subtle hints and suggestions of actions and past experiences have been simulated.
This project is a continuation of Peachland and other parallel countries.