WELCOME TO THE TABLE - get comfortable

This is a game about visual memory for two players. The images on the cards have been collected during a two month period watching one televison channel between 6 and 7:30 pm. I would like to create a situation in which you might gain a deeper understanding of the imagery that you are exposed to in North American culture during the dinner hour.


1.Make sure all cards are face down.
2.Player no.1 turns face up two random cards.
3.Player no.1 tells their game partner what the two pictures make them think and feel.
4.Player no.2 writes down these associations in white book
5.Player no.1 turns over original cards
6.Player no.2 repeats the same actions (with player no.1 writing down associations)
7.Players alternate until all cards have been turned up and subsequently turned face down.
8.Please leave the table with all cards face down.

Thank you!